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Our Mission

Wake up and smell the Dirt! 

Go Wild Herbal Square Foot Boxes are hand built with untreated lumber. Secured with screws and reinforced corners. Includes planting grid!

 If you choose to purchase seeds or plants through us we have a wide variety of organic seeds and plants available.

You can even have them planted by our team!

Our own Go Wild Garden blend is all ORGANIC!

Blended Garden Soil, Compost, Vermiculite, and Peat Moss.   

Our mission is to build and install quality Square Foot Garden's in your yard! Taking all the the hard labor out of setting up the the raised beds so you can do the fun part....

Planting and growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers right at home.

We also offer hands on Workshops to teach you what to do with the herbs you grow. There are so many incredible medicinal herbs that you can grow and create your very own herbal medicine cabinet. 

Check out our classroom schedule here -> Workshops

Go Wild and grow it yourself! 

Go Wild Herbals

We build, deliver and set up Square Foot Gardens! 

Square Foot Gardening is a simple and unique method of raised bed gardening.  

Let Go Wild Herbals make your garden boxes appear without lifting a finger.

We build your custom raised bed garden right in your yard. All we need is a sunny flat spot. We then fill it with our perfect Go Wild Soil blend.